Wednesday, December 25, 2013

BORDFOLK little characters that call to the child in us all.

I was invited to dinner on Christmas Eve at the Engbirk-family.

The main course is roast duck with sour-sweet red cabbage and caramelised potatoes. The other important item was the Christmas rice pudding, with cherry sauce as a dessert. Simon, was the lucky one who got the whole almond in the warm pudding, and thereby won the so-called almond present, which traditionally was a marzipan sweet. Last night it was a basket with various chocolates and a bottle of sparkling wine.

With the dinner, we had South African red wine.
Simon and Emily, both students at the University of Copenhagen, had the sweet light beer, called Jul brew.

With Lize, the cook and hostess of the evening.

The second highlight of the evening started when Morten lighted the Christmas tree candles. We held hands while singing Christmas hymns and songs. Underneath the Christmas tree were the Christmas presents. 

There were quite a few gifts for everyone, however I had my favourites:

Grandma received an antique pink lipstick from her two grandchildren. A very thoughtful gift to a woman who hardly ever wears make-up; and what a joy that was when she immediately try it on . . . and loved it!

Simon hinted for some t-shirts. He got at least eight! As well as replacements for the wallet and jersey he recently lost.

Lise got, among other treasures, a cashmere cardigan in a yellow-green pastel colour.

Emily got a few vouchers at a beauty salon from Dad.

Morten, a 59 year-old booklover, got a book about a 59 year-old man.

And I got a collection of BORDFOLK (table people). Adorable egg holders designed by well-known Danish design company Lucie Kaas.