Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Outback local that I gladly fastied*

* Australian slag for dodged

Queensland's outback is a place where characters share a yarn (a long or rambling story, especially one that is implausible) and people say g’day. I love the Ozzies and their easy-going attitudes and can relate to their culture.

A land of the dreamtime, recorded on rock faces and cave walls is ancient Aboriginal culture and where evidence of the dinosaurs reign over the earth can still be found

Once part of a 'Great Inland Sea' that left the region rich in fossils, and on Australia’s Dinosaur Trail. We visited the prehistoric creatures that roamed the land around 100 million years ago.

However, I am glad that I missed one particular Ozzie. . .
Two weeks before I arrived, a three meter slocal feasted on a crocodile in full sight of weekenders at Lake Moondarra, just outside Mt Isa. 

These pictures were all taken within a few meters of the where the video was recorded and where we regularly picnicked, swam and rubber-ducked over the past four years

Machtild, Emmy & Michael . . .
Emmy & Christo with me . . .
Emmy & me next to the bank where the snake feasted
The snake-restaurant in the background.