Saturday, August 2, 2014

Good morning, Mr Mandela

I just came from a funeral. Madiba's.
I just finished Zelda la Grange's book on the 19 years she served her Khulu. 

Good Morning, Mr Mandela

On 6 December last year, just after midnight the captain of flight SA7861 on route to Minchin announced that Mr Mandela passed away.

My reaction was relief.
And thankfulness that he could rest.
At last. 
The South African government kept the world in the dark about Mr Mandela's life and death for more than six months by then. We don't know to interpret the official statements. We only know for certain that everything was not as ordinary the statements made then out to be. And the eruptions of lust after power and money from the inner circles, confirmed the undignifying politics that surrounded the issue.    

My personal belief that Madiba died six months earlier was changed by Zelda la Grange's account of the last year of his life. Although Zelda did not saw him during the last six months, she belief the accounts of some of the members of is inner circle that did, including Mrs Graça Machel, the wife that adored Madiba.

Zelda also confirmed the disrespect that Madiba, his wife and some of his dearest acquaintances were bullied with, just as we suspected.

The most vivid example of the disregarding of the humanness of Madiba is seen on this ANC publicity stunt below. This was a disgrace; to  impose on his privacy and to use him when he could not stood up for himself. How shocked we were when this public-exposure-at-all-cost picture appear.

SABC mandela exclusive

Zelda la Grange served as Mandela’s secretary, gatekeeper and constant companion for the best part of 20 years.