Thursday, July 3, 2014


Today, at the 2014 graduation, I was an official photographer (a title that I am so very proud of!). I took pictures of the postgrads for future use of the UFS Postgraduate School (the department that I'm contracted at)

I thought back to last year's autumn graduation and of my promoter, who recently tumbled to another Wonderland, with new personal and professional locations.

(And in-between all the thinking, I wondered if I really received that tap-on-the-head? or have I dreamed that I did?)

And when I looked up,
there she was,

A mentor to many,
A guide to those who desire to follow her,
A PhD promoter for the fortunate ones,
A friend to me,
A person who helped me to grow,
and developed,
and survived,
and achieved goals I treasure.