Tuesday, July 22, 2014

They travel together once again.

In silence I watched the naked body of a dead baby in a open stretch of land. Everything in the scene was wrong. No movement. No parents. No blanket. The baby did not even cry. So unreal.

But it was very real. And very wrong.

I read the passenger list and realised hat it could have been anyone of us, or our loved-ones on that list. I listened to the rebels' excitement as they hit the target. I saw how locals stole the valuables, even before the bodies were removed. And then, in silence, I saw the train leaving with the passengers who boarded MH17 a few days ago. They travelled together once again.

Police officers secure a refrigerated train loaded with bodies of the passengers as it arrives in Kharkiv.

I watched all of it on Aljazeera - which I consider the most objective news channel available.
And the war continues, and the killing of fact  . . .

Aljazeera just reported that the MH17 Wikipedia entry was edited by a Russian government IP address. After Russia edited changes about who is responsible for the disaster, their motives are questioned.