Monday, May 5, 2014

Mie Mols, what a lady!

Mie Mols is not my new neighbour, but a high speed (85 kmh ) catamaran-seajet. She took me across the Aarhus Sjaellans odde line today.

On her upper deck she entertains up to 490 passengers, while she provide parking for up to 120 cars and busses on the lower deck. 

The Mai Mols is a Seajet 250 semi-swath (small waterplane area, twin hull) design. The semi-swath concept was selected for seakeeping and a smooth ride. Its waterplane area is larger than that of a typical swath configuration and smaller than that of a catamaran. Relative to a catamaran, therefore, wave-induced motions are expected to be less, while the increased plane compared to a swath should dampen heave and pitch movements, lowering the acceleration forces imposed on passengers.

The sea cockpit.
One part of the passenger deck.

Eats and drinks are available at Baresso, Bistro, Business Lunge, and Kiosk.