Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Møllestien, a lane with ancient charm.

As I strolled through the Latin Quarter or Latiner kvarteret, the oldest part of Aarhus, I entered a street that dates back to the Viking age.

The old idyllic Møllestien lane is a picturesque cobbled street right in the centre of Aarhus, and the cobbles are worn. 

The hollyhocks and rambling roses race each other to grow up against the tiny old half-timbered houses with their small-paned windows. The front doors are as high and wide as I am.


A list of Mollestien home-owners of the middle 1800s and the location of the stands.

Most of the houses were built in the 18th century and the whole street exudes ancient charm. The street itself has existed even longer and is dated to the early middle ages – the time of the Vikings.


BED AND BREAKFAST. v. Inge-Lise Rauhe
Møllestien 50
8000 Århus C

Tlf.: 86136652 / 28706652