Friday, June 13, 2014

Office D139

Working in my Bloemfontein office with the Free State winter outside, reminds me of my Kobenhavn office and my colleagues who shared Office D139 with me. I really miss my friends and Europe's central heating systems.

A view from Office D139: Part of the courtyard of the Emdrupborg satellite campus.

秀妍 许 or Xiuyan Xu from Beijing China (left) and Katrine Scott from Lund University in Sweden at one of various lunch areas in the modern D-building on the Emdrup-campus of the Aarhus University.
Anniina Leiviskä from Helsinki University in Finland is the only inhabitant of Office D139 that does not study the Higher Education field. Anniina is a Philosophical doctorandus.

Hari Maya Sharma of the Gorkha Campus in Nepal
is just as busy and productive as Maya the Bee!