Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tea for two

And no, on special request, a little introduction to my dear Christo . . .

Christo is a divorced father of two married children - in other words the father of four children - and a granddaughter. Since his divorce more than a decade ago, he developed the mannerism of a typical independent bachelor! O-oh!

We met three years ago when our offices were in the same passage during a period of renovations in the Winkie Direko-building on the Kovsie-campus. When the renovators discarded a 1x1m chalkboard, I want it against my newly refurbished office wall. Christo walked by and invited himself to advice me on the old-fashionedness of chalkboards. I know a chalkboard is galaxies apart from a touch screen whiteboard, and that's exactly my point! Any way, I just turned on my heal and walked away from bachelor mannerism. A few days later he brought me a box of multi-coloured . . . chalks.

About six months after this peace-offer we went out for a cup a Earl Grey . . .

Then we had some more time over cups of tea . . .

And some more.

Also at Dina Grobler's Labiel exhibition at the 2012 Vryfees. 

And then we decided to wake up with tea every morning.