Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ancient Danish towns

Viking Age:

Odense (holy site of Odin)

Roskilde (spring of Ro)

Hedeby (city in the marshes)

Vibjerg (holy hill)

Trelleborg (castle built by slaves)

Nyborg - (new castle)

Medieval Age:


- In English it is called Copenhagen, but directly translated would be merchants' harbour

- In Afrikaans sal dit  Koperhawe 
wees; die hawe van die kopers.

Kobenhavn 1674
The same area as above, the heart of Kobenhavn, 340 years later.


Nykøbing (-købing means a city with municipal charter)

Hillerød (-rød means city built in a cleared forrest)

Today, on my way to the Christansborg palace,
I sneaked into this private medieval courtyard;
I just had to see modern life in an ancient space. 

Another medieval Danish residential setting.

I took this picture in Sweden during February 2014.

by = village or hamlet

torp = crofter's holding or just croft.

holm = harbor or islet.

berg = mountain

ö = island

borg = castle