Thursday, March 20, 2014

Evita in København

Lise saw the musical in London (wow!), and I saw the movie (phew!), and now

Evita is in København

At last the 20th March has arrived: the date on our Evita tickets!

We decided to go by train, because the Det Ny Teater is very close to Vesterport station, and parking space is very scarce in the cycle capital of the world.

All dressed-up we boarded at our local station: Emdrup.

As we turn out of Vesterbrogade the fairytale building was waiting for us.

Click on this link to take a virtual tour of this spot

But we had another booking as well: 

Restaurant Teaterkælderen is located in the theater's old rustic backdrop basements. Columns and archways in peculiar spaces create a unique atmosphere, which is an experience in itself. The walls are decorated with historic theater photos and posters from the New Theatre's productions since 1908. The waiters are appointed on their aility to sing and serve, and audition at the interview.

Click on this link to view menus and detail of the Restaurant Teaterkælderen

And then we entered Det Ny Teater

We had seats on a balcony, and saw how everyone of the more than a 1000 seats filled up and the atmosphere of expectation thicken. 

and then the dazzling and sophisticated musical of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber started; telling the story of the iconic Eva Peron .

åh ja, in Danish:

Tim Rice og Andrew Lloyd Webbers blændende og sofistikerede partitur fortælles den betagende historie om ikoniske Eva Peron.

I'm first and foremost an audience-member that appreciate the design aspects of a production. And this theater's machinery works so gracefully unnoticed.

The set is extremely efficient, and the complexity of the design and operation that allows for an energetic tempo, looks simple and does not take anything away from the actors, but rather adds value throughout the show. 

The lighting design is ingenious and innovative. I almost gave a solo-standing ovation for one magnificent, but very subtle effect.

The gardrobe is the vehicle that transports the audience to the Latin style of Argentina in the 1940s.

And the ovation affirmed the professional – in every sense of the word - acting & singing.