Friday, March 7, 2014

Merman and his seven sons. Underwater.

As I walked over the canal-bridge by Højbro Square, Copenhagen, I saw people beneath the water, obscure, distant and just visible. the figures pleaded for me to do something, stretching out their arms towards me. I was numb with shock. 

Then I realized that it was sculptures: Suste Bonnén's Agnete og Havmanden or Agnete and the Merman (1992). 

According to a Danish folk tale, Agnete was a young peasant girl who met a 
merman as she was walking by the shore. He offered her his hand. Agnete fell in love with him and went to the bottom of the sea with him. After eight years, however, as she was sitting by the crib of her youngest and seventh son, Agnete heard the sound of church-bells from the village where she grew up in, and she longed to be home.Her merman allowed her to go to church, on the one condition that she would come back to him after mass. But of course, once on land again, she found that she missed her community too much, and she decided not to return to her underwater family.