Friday, March 14, 2014

Cousin BR

Cousin BR is a toy store chain with Danish roots. Cousin BR was created by Edith and Borge Rasmussen , who bought a kiosk in 1950 in Roskilde (city where Harald Bluetooth was buried in 987) , selling paper - and party items.

In 1963 they decided to turn the old paper business into a specialist shop for toys. The name of the business was BR-Toys.

Today it has become a Scandinavian chain with 92 stores in Denmark , 62 in Sweden , 16 in Norway , one of the Faroe Islands , 16 in Finland and 11 in Germany , including Flensburg.

25% discount!

The mascot of Cousin BR or Fætter BR is a rather cool looking soldier figure which always wears the uniform of the Danish Royal Guards.

This Cousin BE Lego mini-figure is going to my grandson, Jonathan in South Africa!