Sunday, January 19, 2014

As scarce as a Bible in a hippy shop?

'Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because 

Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; 
Truth isn't.'
- Mark Twain

I moved to Kobenhavn with 20kg of belongings. That’s what I was allowed. 

And that was enough.

But to bring books with, was just not weight-wise.

Therefore I came with an electronic Bible.

But handling a soft copy does not compare well with holding a hard copy.

Therefore, I start searching for an English translation of the Bible.

In Kobenhavn?

After a few weeks, I came across an English translation, a
 more than 300 years old leather-bound collector’s item for a mere R800. It was a steal, but because of if's size and weight it is not a user-friendly book. 

This Bible is living in friendly silence in Vangsgaards Antikvariat, an antique bookshop in Fiolstræde. I shamelessly indulged myself in the smell of old books and the wood of the old shelves. Upstairs and around the teak balustrade. Downstairs into the basement. Tip-tip, creek-creek on wooden floors.

Today, after another two weeks, I was in a bric-à-brac shop managed by, what would be called a few decades ago, hippies. And on my request whether they have an English translation of the Bible, one pointed me towards some books: "All the religious type books".

At first I did not noticed the familiar format of a Bible . . . but then I saw it. 
I was quite disappointed to see that it was not an English translation, but then I released that it was an Afrikaans translation: Die Nuwe Lewende Vertaling gepubliseer deur CUM. 

In the Bible was entrance ticket number 856951 to the Giza Pyramids, but no other clue that pointed to the travel that got a CUM Bible in a hippy-shop.

In Kobenhavn!