Sunday, January 12, 2014

Boligstøtte in kollegium.

Since I arrived in Denmark, I stayed in three very different apartments. With 20kg of belongings, moving by foot, trolleying a suitcase down the street, is done in no time.

Since the 1st of January I am staying in a kollegium located close to the beautiful Emdrup Sø or Emdrup Lake. 

A kollegium is communal housing for students and staff of tertiary institutions. This type of housing is usually not affiliated to one specific institution.

The kollegium was built 2008 as 3 houses with each 4 floors - 111 accommodations in all. 

Apartments are fully furnished (in Scandinavian style), with kitchenettes and bathrooms. In-house gym, WiFi and heating included in the R8000 p/m.

Every floor has a commons-room with communal dinning-space, comfy couches, television, dishwasher, freezers, coffee-machines and small electrical appliances. It is also stocked with cutlery, crockery, cleaning chemicals and equipment, grounded coffee, spices, wine and whatever the inhabitants want to share with each-other. 

All the common areas are cleaned by cleaning staff, accept the commons-room. Every week the room will be cleaned once by someone living on that floor. In my 9 months stay, I will clean the commons-room probably 4 times.