Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cycle Culture

Unfortunately, I cannot declare that I took up the art of cycling in Denmark. Not yet. However, I am impressed with what I see around me every day.

Take your bike with you on the train.

Copenhagen is world famous for its biking culture and now officially the first Bike City in the World. The world’s first free bicycle scheme was launched in Copenhagen in 1995.

Cargo bike - for children, pets or groceries.
Last year, it was also voted the ‘Best city for cyclists’ 
and the ‘World’s most liveable city’. 
The Danes are well known for their love of cycling and cities all around the world are now looking at ways to copy this phenomenon. 

It really is biking heaven for the cyclist in Copenhagen
 with over 390 km of designated bike lanes. 
In Denmark there are over 10 000 km of cycle routes. 

Today, 37% of Copenhageners cycle to work and the target is 50% by 2015.

Copenhagen even has a Bicycle Strategy (2011 - 2025) with new initiatives and plans which lay down guidelines for the long term and overriding priorities within the bicycle area.

Free gloves and cloth
Statoil Bike Care site nextto the Emdrup-campus residence. 
Statoil gas-stations provide free bike care sites, where bikes could be lift up into a comfortable working height so that it can be washed and adjusted. 
Compressed air to both ordinary valves and racing valves are available, as well as free care kits (including disposable gloves).