Saturday, January 4, 2014

Osterport thrift-shopping

Whenever an inhospitable wind blows in Copenhagen, 

the locals blame it on the Russians.

Well, the Russian wind was all over the city today, especially in Osterport. 

 There are five adjacent man-made lakes that form a part-circle around North-western Copenhagen. It starts in Vesterbro (bottom of picture), then Norrebro and finishes in Osterbro (at the top of this picture).

When I arrived at the Osterport station - designed and built in 1897 
– I had to reemploy the warm things I had with me: 
my pashmina scarf became a skirt.

 And then I followed my google-map-print-out to thrift-shopping in Osterport (Eastern Port/Oostelike Hawe). 

And I found . . . a Femilet pure new wool vest for DKK5 (1% of the normal price).

And I found a Bionicle LEGO beanie for my son-in-marriage (priceless). Enjoy Vince!

And I found a fur blanket for DKK100 (average DDK600).

And I found a Dean & White cashmere sweater for DKK15 or R10 (average price at second hand boutiques ₤35 or R600).

And I found an vintage handkerchief with handmade lace for my aunt Johanna. I try never to mail a letter to her without including a handkerchief from yesteryear.

On my way back to the station, I greeted the swans, geese and ducks at the Oster So or Eastern Lake.