Monday, January 13, 2014

Besotted with fireworks!

I am still intrigued by the Danish's extreme passion for every form of light; lamps and candles as well, but especially fireworks. At 24:00 on New Years eve, Copenhagen was for more than an hour under full and extensive bombardment. And not without casualties.

Fireworks caused 73 serious injuries during the New Year celebrations according to Copenhagen's health authority, Region Hovedstaden (Region Capital-city/Streek Hoofstad), which collected the statistics from around the country.

Seven were serious eye injuries, of which one is a ten-year-old boy from Herning who is expected to lose his sight after a chrysanthemum bomb exploded in his hand.

All those suffering from serous eye injuries are men – the majority were between the ages of 18 and 29 – and none were reportedly wearing eye protection.

It is the fewest number of serious eye injuries caused by New Year celebrations since 2008 when four were recorded. In 2010 the number was 15, while in 1975 there were 42.

It's significantly more than the 275 calls from the previous year, which the Danish Emergency Management Agency, Beredskabsstyrelsen, blames on the mild weather: "There were more people on the streets because of the good weather, which means more fireworks and more fires." Beredskabsstyrelsen reported 383 fires.

In Copenhagen, a firework set alight the roof of a building in the historic port district of Nyhavn. Thirty-five firefighters successfully fought to control the fire at Nyhavn 39 and no-one was injured.

Nyhavn 39, Copenhagen

A house near Odense was almost completely destroyed by a fire while its occupants were celebrating the New Year with neighbours. Police on Funen report that a rocket went astray and exploded either inside or beside the home, causing a fire that completely destroyed the first floor of the house, and rendered the property completely uninhabitable.

Remember the Danes are decedents of the Vikings! 
Gaan groot of gaan huistoe. Gå stort eller gå hjem.